Labyrinth - Rachel Cornish

'Labyrinth' - Rachel Cornish


'Inside' Stormsmith Nomi

'Inside' - Stormsmith Nomi







Nine different sequences began with
nine artists making a short video.
Changing hands each time, a 2nd, 3rd
and 4th video were made, each in
response to whatever preceded it.
Based on a game the Surrealists named
‘Exquisite Corpse’, what follows presents
nine unique video collaborations.




Upon examining the nature of conscious experience,
the enormous impact of culture and society is evidently
inseperable from this experience. All creativity is 'inspired by'
and 'inspires' in some way. 'Exquisite Corpse' is a direct
exploration of this.

Kiss Kick Breathe

'Kiss Kick Breathe' - Fritz Stolberg


'Flare' Liliana Lopez

'Flare' - Liliana Lopez



Project Co-ordinator - Rachel Cornish

Nine Artists -

Charlotte Bernstein
Eileeen Bonner
Rachel Cornish
Rachel Dobbs
Sally Irvine
Liliana Lopez
Stormsmith Nomi
Fritz Stolberg
Teresa Whiting




‘Labyrinth’ - Rachel Cornish
’This is my maze’ - Rachel Dobbs
‘Labyrinthus Cochleae’ - Eileen Bonner
‘Rectus Mortis’ - Sally Irvine

‘Where am I. Where are You?’ - Charlotte Bernstein
‘Eye Myself’ - Eileen Bonner
‘Through’ - Liliana Lopez
‘Untitled (after tcm)’ -Rachel Dobbs

‘Flare’ - Liliana Lopez
‘Coruscation’ - Rachel Cornish
‘Trigger’ - Sally Irvine
‘Transience’ - Teresa Whiting

‘Inside’ - Stormsmith Nomi
‘An ail of two pities’ - Sally Irvine
‘Ya will, ya will, ya will, ya will’ - Rachel Dobbs
‘Lovely cup o’char’ - Charlotte Bernstein

‘Tango Close’ - Eileen Bonner
‘Tango Folk’ - Teresa Whiting
‘Birthday Card Tango’ - Stormsmith Nomi
‘Tangazo’ - Liliana Lopez

‘Suis moi, je te fuis. Fuis moi, je te suis’ - Sally Irvine
‘Stop! Go! Dance!’ - Fritz Stolberg
‘Chiaroscuro’ - Rachel Cornish
‘I Thou’ - Eileen Bonner

‘Prospect’ - Teresa Whiting
‘Are we nearly there again ?’ - Charlotte Bernstein
‘Your little life unrecognised’ - Fritz Stolberg
‘Lulus world’ - Stormsmith Nomi

‘At the Time...’ - Rachel Dobbs
‘About silence’ - Liliana Lopez
‘Peace’ - Teresa Whiting
‘Kiss-kick-breathe’ ‘Kleine Parkbank
Frechheiten - Fritz Stolberg

‘I’m gonna show you a trick’ - Fritz Stolberg
‘One step forward’ - Stormsmith Nomi
‘Working lunch’ - Charlotte Bernstein
‘Zeno’s picnic’ - Rachel Cornish


'At the time' Rachel Dobbs

'At the Time' - Rachel Dobbs


'Transience' Teresa Whiting

'Transience' - Teresa Whiting



'Trigger' Sally Irvine

'Trigger' - Sally Irvine


'Tango' Eileen Bonner
'Tango' - Eileen Bonner